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Keyness of (your) Blog Keywords, A Statistical Approach to Extend your Overview on your Blogging Competition

Keywords are key when it concerns blogging. I explained my initial ideas on how to approach keywords for your blog in a previous post. That post gives some basic ideas on how to use them to get and keep an overview of the competition in your blogging sphere. In this current post I am going… Read More ›

Expert bloggers on your blogging rhythm.

We all need to deal with our blogging rhythm. Below are five blog post that all give some insights into this topic. Insights valuable for every blogger to read. They all address rhythm from a slightly different angle. Making it easy for you to look at it from different perspectives. My guess? It will give… Read More ›

I am not perfect, but with some help…

Can you tell us, what your struggles are when writing a blog post? We are open for guest blog posts that tell about the problems you encounter. And If you found a (creative) solution, share it with us. Size and perfection of your guest blog don’t matter. And problems you still encounter are as worth… Read More ›

Nobodys Perfect

I recommend, before start reading this blog post, to open a new tab and open this song from Madonna, Nobodys Perfect. It’s a four minute song, so you can enjoy it a bit more after reading this blog post. If you didn’t, no problem, let’s give you my message without the tender words from Madonna…. Read More ›

Do you want to give an interview?

We are always looking for bloggers that like to help us. Do you want to be interviewed? From every interview we try to make a little adventure. We want to know, what challenges you are facing when you are creating your blog post. And… who are you? Why do you blog? We are curious. We… Read More ›