How to stand out from over 200 million blogs, every-time.

Blog(ging) experts that can help you

expert In random order, I’m going to introduce you to 5 experts. I like to share the inspiration, that you’ll find in their blog posts.

Ali Luke is a writing coach for bloggers, copy writers and more. Her blog covers in-depth material that is essential for writers. Her posts include: 8 writing secrets and Essential writing stages.

Cori Padgett She rocks! Read here post: The girl effect, and you’ll understand what I am talking about. As a nice site effect, it’s giving you an idea you can write about. Her blog:

Dana Lookadoo is all about optimizing
What makes her tick? right, it’s Optimizing … Websites, Content, Landing Pages, Marketing Processes, Bike Rides and Life! Her “tour de blog post”, 3 weeks is a good starting point to meet your new optimizer.

Deborah Ng also known, simply as “Deb” writes about the gift of sharing: “If you want to show a blogger you appreciate him or her, link from your blog as it’s the gift that keeps giving.” Her post buying likes shares and rankings shares this insight, and more… With you.

Erica Douglass shows you how to become more successful in your life. One of her personal goals is build awareness of, and cure, Celiac disease. Read her post on getting attention when you introduce yourself in a group of more then 10 people. It’s a funny Elevator pitch… story.

Do you know more experts that moved you? Let me know if you like to add another, we just make this post about six experts. Numbers don’t count! (DM @perfectblogpost, or comment)

photo credit: FutUndBeidl via photopin cc

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