How to stand out from over 200 million blogs, every-time.

Writing a better blog post is always letting go of something you do or do not want to do now

lettinggo Creativity is mostly felt as a personal value, that you do not want to be molded into a structure that you think conflicts with your creativity. Even if that structure is more appealing to your blog post readers. That does not sound fair, right? But there is a solution.

How you place creativity in a new structure

At first it seems hard, because you are moving into unfamiliar territory – e.g. the new structure. Creativity flows freely when you feel safe. To make the unfamiliar familiar you need to become master in the skills that are needed to feel safe enough to occupy that new space. Once you have mastered that new space, the creative part of you can flow into it.

You might be tempted to think, well this structure might be appealing to my readers, but I do not have creativity in that structure. And you stop there! You are back in that save place, also known as square number one! But what did you learn? Not a thing. That’s right.

You have to master the structure to let creativity be. Three things to help you out:

  • Seeing your creativity as something you do not own but can make use of, it is not a personal belonging, can give “your” creativity a boost. You keep it open beyond the boundaries you have right now. Mastering a new structure, will widen your field of view, making more space for your creativity to flow.
  • Make sure you have people that help you to master the new structure, because our minds often like status quo over learning.
  • Learn by doing. Write (draft) blog post in the new structure.

We are very new to blogging, but found a great way to solve problems of bloggers. It may sound like a paradox, but we are testing it right now. If you want to know more as soon as possible, feel free to get into our testing group here:

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