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How Ideas Emerge! A thank you to Jennifer Barbour!

Around 1997 I wrote my first blog post. The idea of blogging did not exist yet. I made a blogging system in 8 hours (including some small coding mistakes), just before our plane left for our India adventure. During our trip we uploaded photo’s with little stories attached. I am still searching the internet archives to find it back. 

I never returned to the idea of blogging after that trip. But now I am back. I joined a Skillshare online course about building community with blogging in December of 2012. I did not really finish the class, because new ideas of helping bloggers to get the perfect blog post emerged. Nothing new there, I started my own internet company in 1995 and dropped out from university. 

I always find it difficult to make a claim about an emerging idea. Best is to look at the context where it emerged. Without the Skillshare class from Jennifer Barbour, it would not have been here. So a big thanks to you!  

If you want to follow Jennifer’s blogging classes on Skillshare:

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  1. You’re welcome! I am so happy I could inspire you to start blogging again. Best of luck in your new endeavors!

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