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Month: December 2012

Running Lean Series Part 1, what we do for Bloggers

“We live in an age of unparalleled opportunity for innovation.” The book Running Lean, gives a systematic approach to make use of this age of innovation. “Running lean is an ideal tool for … developers and programmers, and anyone who’s interested in starting a business project.” We are using this blog to keep you up… Read More ›

Interview: Every blogger has its own rhythm

Do you have your own rhythm, when it comes to producing your blog posts? Of course you have, everyone is unique. But as unique it may be, there are overlaps between your way and someone else’s way. What is it that what makes you unique, makes you stand out? We want to know. But we… Read More ›

Writing a better blog post is always letting go of something you do or do not want to do now

Creativity is mostly felt as a personal value, that you do not want to be molded into a structure that you think conflicts with your creativity. Even if that structure is more appealing to your blog post readers. That does not sound fair, right? But there is a solution. How you place creativity in a… Read More ›

How Ideas Emerge! A thank you to Jennifer Barbour!

Around 1997 I wrote my first blog post. The idea of blogging did not exist yet. I made a blogging system in 8 hours (including some small coding mistakes), just before our plane left for our India adventure. During our trip we uploaded photo’s with little stories attached. I am still searching the internet archives… Read More ›

I am not perfect, but with some help…

Can you tell us, what your struggles are when writing a blog post? We are open for guest blog posts that tell about the problems you encounter. And If you found a (creative) solution, share it with us. Size and perfection of your guest blog don’t matter. And problems you still encounter are as worth… Read More ›

Nobodys Perfect

I recommend, before start reading this blog post, to open a new tab and open this song from Madonna, Nobodys Perfect. It’s a four minute song, so you can enjoy it a bit more after reading this blog post. If you didn’t, no problem, let’s give you my message without the tender words from Madonna…. Read More ›

Do you want to give an interview?

We are always looking for bloggers that like to help us. Do you want to be interviewed? From every interview we try to make a little adventure. We want to know, what challenges you are facing when you are creating your blog post. And… who are you? Why do you blog? We are curious. We… Read More ›